Arthur Miller, the playwright, tells a story in his autobiography. He was watching filming of The Misfits, starring his then wife Marilyn Monroe. The male star of the film was Clark Gable and Miller was watching the filming of a close-up on Gable’s face. After a couple of takes the director wrapped the scene and they moved on. Miller was confused, it seemed to him that Gable hadn’t expressed anything, from a few feet away he hadn’t seen any emotion at all on Gable’s face. However, the next morning, watching the rushes, Miller was astounded at what the camera had caught, but that he had missed. Gable had let his eyes say everything that needed to be said. This is one of the unique beauties of film; a huge pair of eyes pouring their emotion onto the audience.

This is what I have tried to do in this series of prints, distil the essence of the characters and of the performers using only their eyes. From the crinkly mischief of comic actor Sid James to the deathly stare of Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, the eyes tell the story in these huge colourful prints. Printed on a variety of very heavy rag or cotton mix paper using the highest quality giclée pigmented inks, these images are stunning from a distance and reveal even more in close-up.

All prints are the highest quality giclée on a range of heavy paper, depending on the image, and use pigmented inks. Although the sizing is approximate, it is quite accurate, so please note the sizes before thinking about buying, some of the prints are very large. The possibility of printing to a custom size is available, please click here to send an email for more details.

Antony Buonomo is an Emmy award-winning digital designer, responsible for producing the opening and main titles for Oscar winner 12 Years A Slave, amongst other feature films. His motion graphics work can be seen at – www.vertigo.co.uk



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